How to get the Jurassic Green Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2

Clever gun.

Image via Bungie

Looking for a shiny new weapon to accompany your new dinosaur armor this Festival of the Lost in Destiny 2? Then look no further; the Jurassic Green pulse rifle is for you. Jurrasic Green is a new rapid-fire-frame pulse rifle that packs a mean punch and is relatively easy to get. The gun was a surprise to many who thought we would only get dinosaur-themed armor, not a weapon to go along. That said, here is how to get your hands on the scaly new Jurassic Green pulse rifle.

Complete the Gone But Not Forgotten Quest

You can pick up the brand new quest from Eva Levante within the tower, the Festival of the Lost vendor. She is located right in the middle of the courtyard, so stop by and see what she has to say. Once you have the quest, progress through its steps as you would any other quest; doing this will unlock the new Haunted Sectors activity and teach you how the event works this year.

Once you have completed the short quest, you should be granted one drop of the new Jurassic Green pulse rifle, don’t worry, though; this is not the only drop you can get. You may have noticed the Spectral and Manifested Page system while doing the quest, which is crucial to getting more drops of Jurassic Green.

Farm Spectral Pages and Haunted Sectors

The big new mechanic for this year’s Festival of the Lost is Spectral Pages and Manifasted Pages, and they are your key to getting more drops of Jurassic Green and the older Festival of the Lost weapons. First, you will want to farm up some Spectral Pages, which are dropped in abundance after you complete any playlist activity (Strikes, Gambit, Crucible) while wearing a Festival of the Lost mask. They should show up in your inventory, looking like paper with a glowing green trim.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you have your desired amount of Spectral Pages, head into the new Haunted Sector activity and start killing headless mini-bosses. Each headless one you kill will provide one Manifested Page for every Spectral Page you have at the end of the activity. For example, you bring four Spectral Pages with you into the Haunted Sector and kill eight headless mini-bosses, you will only get four Manifested Pages.

This is important because the more Spectral Pages you convert into Manifested Pages within a Haunted Sector run, the higher the chance of a Festival of the Lost weapon such as Jurassic Green will drop from the chest. Of course, you could just run the Haunted Sector activity without any Spectral Pages, but the drop chance of weapons is significantly decreased.