How to get the Kalash AK-47 in Atomic Heart

Time to visit the Cold Lab.

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Atomic Heart takes place in a world where robots have gone berserk. Throughout the game, you will encounter different types of robots, and you will have plenty of weapons to use againt them. But the one which can help you turn the tides around is the Kalash AK-47. This is a powerful assault rifle that offers an amazing rate of fire. Thanks to this, you can even trust it against the toughest of opponents. In this guide, we are going to discuss how to get the Kalash AK-47 in Atomic Heart.

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Where to find the Kalash AK-47 in Atomic Heart

In Atomic Heart, you can’t just pick up weapons from the ground or purchase them from some in-game merchant. Instead, you need to first find the blueprints for a weapon and then craft it using NORA, the station that allows you to upgrade your weapons and add cartridges to them. As for the Kalash AK-47, you won’t be able to acquire it at the very beginning of the game as you will first need to make your way into the Vavilov Complex.

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During your time in the Vavilov Complex, you will be assigned the task to find four canisters scattered across the complex. While searching for one of them, you will enter a room called the Cold Lab. This is the room where you’ll find the Kalash AK-47. Before you can get your hands on it, you will first need to fill the canisters with plants. Afterward, you’ll gain access to a chest that will have the blueprint for the weapon inside it.

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After you get the blueprint, visit NORA and craft the weapon. The Kalash AK-47 uses medium ammo and you will face difficulty finding this type of ammo at the beginning. But as you progress further through the game, this type of ammo will become common.