How to get the Keeping This One achievement/trophy in Violence and Timing in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Here’s how to reach Price using only one vehicle.

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Violence and Timing is the 10th mission in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 campaign, and it sees you, playing as Sergeant Kyle “Gaz” Garrick, speeding along the highways of Urzikstan in pursuit of an Al-Qatala convoy. Your mission: to rescue Kate Laswell, who’s being held captive in a black SUV at the head of the convoy.

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There are two trophies/achievements specific to Violence and Timing: Test Drive and Keeping this One. They’re sort of opposites of each other, but neither is easy. Test Drive requires you to drive all five vehicle types during the mission, while Keeping This One requires that you reach Price using the first vehicle you hijack. This means that the first pickup truck you commandeer, right after you drop off the helicopter, has to survive all the way to the checkpoint after the mine truck. This is not easy, even on Recruit difficulty.

How to reach Price using the first vehicle you hijack

As already pointed out above, the Keeping this One trophy/achievement is difficult to get even on Recruit difficulty, but still, our first tip is to play the level on Recruit when attempting to get it. It means enemies will be easier to kill, and that you’ll take less damage, which helps a bit. What Recruit doesn’t do is make it any easier to avoid colliding with other vehicles and mines, which is what really counts here.

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In general, the following tips will help you get the Keeping this One trophy/achievement:

  • Stay on the right side at all times, except when there are mines on the road. You can’t afford to risk a head-on collision.
  • Take it slow. There’s no time limit on this trophy/achievement, or on this mission, and collisions will do much more damage to your truck than enemy bullets, so reduce your speed, and take care not to crash into anything.
  • Engage with enemies at long range. While bullets don’t do heavy damage to your truck, you still don’t want to take a lot of them at close range, so as soon as you see enemies on a vehicle, lean out and start shooting. This will draw their fire to you, and not your truck, and if you’re playing on Recruit, it won’t require many hits to take them out.
  • Take extra care during the mine section, as you really can’t afford to hit even one mine, and you don’t want to get hit by an exploding civilian vehicle either. Keep tilting your view forward to get a better look at the road, and take it slowly and cautiously.
  • If you reach critical damage, that means your truck is on fire and will continue to take damage until it explodes. In other words, you’ve had it. So, if you reach critical damage, just restart from your last checkpoint.
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