How to get the Lawless Enforcer’s set in Final Fantasy XIV

How dapper do you plan to look?

Image via Square Enix

The Lawless Enforcer’s set is a unique outfit you can acquire in Final Fantasy XIV. This set has five pieces, and acquiring all parts will complete it. However, you can choose to pick and choose from the set if you’d rather mix and match based on your character. Finding this set can take a bit of time, and you want to ensure you know exactly where to go. This guide covers how to get the Lawless Enforcer’s set in Final Fantasy XIV.

Where to get the Lawless Enforcer’s set in Final Fantasy XIV

The Lawless Enforcer’s set is an outfit you need a crafter to make. The crafter will need to have access to the Master Recipe book, which you can find by visiting any Scrip Exchange you can find in Final Fantasy XIV. Speak with them, and they will give you access to the Master Recipes. Make sure your category is set to Crafters’ Scrip (Master Recipes/Materials/Misc.), and then search for Master Recipes II. From here, you can pick all of the Master crafting books you can purchase, which will cost 1,200 White Scrips.

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The Lawless Enforcer’s outfit is broken up into five parts. The Lawless Enforcer’s Hat, Lawless Enforcer’s Jacket, Lawless Enforcer’s Slacks, and the Lawless Enforcer’s gloves will require a Master Weaver to complete them. Additionally, you will need to be a Master Leatherworker for the Lawless Enforcer’s shoes.

These are the overall materials you’ll need to complete the entire set.

  • AR-Caena Cotton Boll
  • AR-Caena Velvet
  • Eblan Alumen
  • Exciting Leather
  • Ophiotauros Hide
  • Ophiotauros Leather

After the crafter, or yourself, conjures up all of these materials, the Lawless Enforcer set is yours. You can wear it on any of your characters, making it an ideal glamour piece for your Final Fantasy XIV character.