How to get the Mimic Tear spirit ashes in Elden Ring

This powerful summon mimics your character and build.

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Early in Elden Ring, Ranni the Witch gives the player the ability to summon spirit ashes. These spirits fight alongside the player, typically in boss fights, giving players some extra damage and someone to take aggro from the enemy. Just like incantations and armaments, there are legendary spirit ashes that are more powerful. While these powerful ashes take a high amount of FP to use, there is one that is powerful and instead takes HP to use. Here is where to find the Mimic Tear spirit ashes.

Note: Mild Elden Ring story spoilers ahead.

Nokron, Eternal City

After defeating the third shard bearer, General Radahn, in Caelid, a new area will open up in Limgrave. A meteor will fall and open up a hole, which can be located by heading to the floating rocks in the sky, visible from pretty much anywhere in Limgrave. Descend into the hole by jumping from rock to rock, and you will find yourself on the rooftops of Nokron, a hidden area in the underground. This area is very linear, so advance through the city until you find your way to a fog wall. On the other side of the wall is the Mimic Tear boss fight. This fight will pit you against yourself, mimicking your current equipment and stats. After this boss fight, you can advance through to a bridge area. Head across until you can drop into a forest area on your left.

Night’s Sacred Ground

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When you drop down into the enchanted forest area, you will want to hug the left-hand side mountain side and head forward until you reach an opening where a Site of Grace looking over a cliff edge. Over the edge is another section of Nokron called the Night’s Sacred Ground, which is where you will find the Mimic Tear ashes. Jump down and follow along the edge of buildings to work your way inside. This area is linear as well, so continue jumping across rooftops. You will eventually find two silver mimics, which will turn into generic human enemies. Dispatch them and continue forward. You will eventually find a destroyed arch way that goes over a city street. Do not drop down, instead go across the arch and enter the window into a church. On the left side, you can continue forward a bit and will find a fog-locked room.

The Mimic Tear ashes

To open this door, you will need one Stonesword key. After opening the door, there is a single priestess enemy you can sneak up on. Inside the treasure chest is the Mimic Tear ashes, that you can collect. These spirit ashes will summon the Mimic Tear boss you fought earlier, so another version of you. Once upgraded, this spirit ash is incredibly durable and deals almost as much damage as you do. Instead of costing FP to summon, you will need to sacrifice 660 HP to summon it. As long as your max HP is over that number, this spirit is worth sacrificing a flask to have it in a fight. After all, two is better than one.