How to get the Mokoko seeds behind the Mount Zagoras barrier in Lost Ark

The strangest DPS-check in a modern MMO.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Lost Ark has a massive number of collectibles for adventurers to find, strewn about its seemingly endless lands and regions. One such collectible is called Mokoko seeds, and there are a whopping total of 1,209 in the game to be found.

These seeds can be found almost everywhere: sometimes they’re standing in plain sight, other times you’ll need to unlock hidden doors. One such set of seeds is found in Mount Zagoras, of the West Luterra continent. Near the southwestern part of the map, a barrier is blocking the way to three seeds simply waiting to be plucked.

Screenshot by Gamepur

In order to get these seeds, players will need to attack the barrier blocking their way. Be forewarned: these barriers have enough HP to be considered a World Boss in Lost Ark.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Players tend to talk in area chat to get a good group going to DPS the barriers until they break; if you’re looking to grab these three seeds, note that it’s nearly impossible to do so on your own. Find a group, shift channels so everyone is together, and burn the barrier down until access is granted.

Stay ready, though — the barrier will respawn in five to ten seconds, so dash through the moment it opens to ensure you aren’t trapped for another ten-minute bout of ‘beat the barrier to death.’