What are World Bosses in Lost Ark? Answered

The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Image via Smilegate RPG

The new MMO RPG Lost Ark has arrived in the west, and with it comes more content than most will be able to complete. With unique mechanics ranging from secret dungeons to engraving, Lost Ark takes some tropes of the MMO and aRPG genre and tweaks them into fresh content.

One such mechanic is that of World Bosses, elite bosses that spawn in the world and will require adventurers to work together to burn them down. These World Bosses become more difficult as players progress through the various continents of Arkesia, but make no mistake: even the lowest level of World Bosses requires multiple adventurers to band together to burn these monstrosities down.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Each continent has its own World Boss which holds specific rules:

  • All World Bosses respawn every 30 minutes after death.
  • Each World Boss has its own respawn timer, per channel.
  • The first completion of each world boss offers guaranteed loot.

Players can check the Adventurer’s Tome at any time by pressing ‘N’, or by navigating to the bottom right to the Adventure button, and then selecting Adventurer’s Tome. In here, players can see the World Boss of their currently selected continent. Paying attention to the area chat should shed some light on what channel the World Boss is active on for that continent, allowing adventurers to swap over quickly and help burn the foe down.

The first three world bosses for the first three continents are Rudric in Rethramis, the Salt Giant in Yudia, and Rovlen in West Luterra. Pay attention to the red AoE zones warning players of upcoming abilities from the boss, and keep your health full lest you fall and need to respawn at the closest town.