How to get the Moonfire Mask Stall in Final Fantasy XIV Online

An outdoor item to add to your home.

A seasonal event in Final Fantasy XIV, The Moonfire Faire, has returned for 2021, and it’ll be happening from August 13 to 26. You have a limited time to partake in all of the quests available during the event and earn your own Polar Bear mount that you can take with you on your adventures. Once you complete all of the seasonal quests available for this year’s Moonfire Faire, you’ll unlock the Moonfire Faire Vendor, who will be selling you various exclusive items. An item you want to grab is the Moonfire Mask Stall, an outdoor furnishing item.

You want to make sure you complete the two seasonal quests, Unseasonal Chill and A Treat to Beat the Heat. After you complete both of those and earn your Polar Bear mount, you’ll be able to access the Moonfire Faire Festival vendor, who is next to Haermaga.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Moonfire Mask Stall costs five Faire Vouchers. You should already have 15 for having completed A Blizzard of Bombards during the seasonal quests, but if you want to earn more Faire Vouchers, you’ll need to repeat the fate. It spawns pretty regularly on the southwest portion of the island.

You can unlock as many Moonfire Mask Stalls as you want until the end of the event on August 26.