How to Get the Mossanda Lux Grenade Launcher in Palworld

Mossanda Lux is perhaps one of the strongest and sturdiest Pals in the game. And they gave them a grenade launcher.

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The Mossanda Lux Grenade Launcher is perhaps one of the strongest weapons you can get in Palworld, connecting to an even stronger panda Pal that you fight as a boss. Luckily, you don’t have to venture far to find the wielder of this weapon.

The Mossanda Lux Grenade Launcher is one of the most powerful weapons in Palworld, being atop a gigantic panda and dealing significant damage. It doesn’t matter if you use the Mossanda Lux version or the version that uses your standard green panda. You can still obtain a Grenade Launcher either way. If you intend to get a Mossanda Lux without going through the necessary steps for breeding an Electric Pal with Mossanda, then we have a guide for you on finding the boss, taking it down, and getting the Mossanda Lux Grenade Launcher in Palworld.

Where To Find Mossanda Lux Boss

Mossanda Lux, despite being one of the most powerful Pals in the game, can be found relatively early on. If you wander just northeast of the starting area, you can find yourself near its territory. No inclement weather or sturdy wild Pals block your path, although the boss you’re facing is Level 31, so keep that in mind for the sake of your inventory.

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You can find the Mossanda Lux Boss on Eastern Wild Island, in the center near a landbridge that overlooks a rather large clearing. This Pal is not a pushover, so be sure to be at least close to Level 31 before deciding to venture forth to claim your new Pal. Like any boss Pal, this one has a significant amount of HP and a taste for taking down Pal teams.

How To Defeat (And Capture) Mossanda Lux

Defeating Mossanda Lux is one thing. Capturing it is another entirely. This big customer has over 4,000 HP, meaning you’ll need to employ some evasive, conservative, and perhaps a little cheesy methods in order to go after him below Level 20. Even on equal footing with this monster, defeating it alone is not easy. Ensuring its HP is low enough to capture takes a bit of finesse. And since you can’t abuse saves in this game, making a mistake will mean waiting until the next respawn rotation.

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To better prepare and maneuver during your fight with the big panda, consider the following tips and tricks that can help prevent you from getting scorched and sent back to camp:

  • Don’t try to run: If you try to keep your distance too far from the boss or use the land bridge in the area to get a permanent drop on Mossanda Lux, they will simply turn around and walk away.
  • Watch out for large attacks: While the multi-hitting bullet moves that fires electric balls isn’t that devastating, every other move out of Mossanda Lux definitely is. When you see the bear looking your way or charging up an attack, be sure to use your dodge roll or just plain old sprinting to get out of the way.
  • Upgrade your shield beforehand: The second shield in the lineup is enough to take on one big attack from Lux, but nothing more. If you want a little extra wiggle room, try upgrading your shielf for a third time.
  • Use Ground-type Pals: Having elements work in your favor is always a good way to go for these bosses. This one is no different. Since Mossanda Lux is an Electric type, put any good Ground types on your team if you have them.
  • Upgrade your weaponry before you go: Regular bows and arrows, even Flame or Poison variants, do practically nothing against this boss. Consider upgrading to a Crossbow before you venture forward.
  • Return your Pal when HP is low: If you want to capture this Pal for the Grenade Launcher, you’ll need to ensure that you don’t accidentally kill it. When the HP is low enough for comfort, return your Pal and make the best capture attempts. Don’t even try with ordinary Pal Spheres, as they have less than a 1% chance of working.
  • Exchange Pals before they die: When a Pal is close to going back into its Sphere, one way you can preserve their health is by switching them out with a formidable one before they die. That way, the amount of time that Pal lasts will give your other one time to recover.
  • Use Pal special abilities as often as you can: Lifmunk’s gun and Jolthog’s capability of being a living stun grenade can come in handy during boss fights like these. Don’t sleep on your Pal’s unique abilities; you may find that they help more than just letting your Pal team wail on the enemy.

How To Unlock the Mossanda Lux Grenade Launcher

Once you’ve captured a Mossanda Lux, you can see the Mossanda Grenade Launcher in the Technology menu. To unlock the ability to build it, though, you’ll need to reach Level 24, with 2 Technology Points available. Otherwise, it’s actually quite easy to build, requiring only Ingot. High-quality palm Oil and Paldium to craft.