How to get the No Limits cloak in Forspoken

You’ve got no limits.

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Forspoken offers players a wide world to explore that is filled with Detours to undertake and items to discover. As you progress through the game, you will find pieces of gear that you can equip onto Frey to make her more powerful. Some of this gear takes the form of cloaks that can enhance your firepower, defense, and health. One such cloak is called the No Limits Cloak, and it’s only available to certain players. This guide will show you how to get your hands on the No Limits cloak in Forspoken.

Where to find the No Limits cloak in Forspoken

Cloaks are one of three gear types that you can find throughout the world of Athia. After reaching this new world, Frey will get dressed up in the first cloak that you get your hands on which is simply named the Hooded Cloak. Immediately after getting access to the first of many gear items, you can set out into the world to find more of them. Those who preordered the game on PS5, however, get an extra cloak to try out.

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Those who preordered Forspoken on the PS5 will get access to the No Limits Cloak; a cloak that comes with the “attack boosted when healing item is used” effect, which is great for the beginning of the game when you are trying to get your footing in this new world. Luckily, you don’t need to wait any time to try on this new cloak.

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To get the No Limits Cloak, all you need to do is press the touchpad on the PS5 controller to bring up the menu and use either R1 or L1 to go to the gear menu. Once there, select the cloak option and you should see the No Limits Cloak waiting for you. Those who didn’t preorder the game will just see the Hooded Cloak in their inventory. The cloak may become available for purchase later on but for now, it remains a preorder exclusive.