How to Get the Otherside Exotic Sparrow in Destiny 2

 How to Get the Otherside Exotic Sparrow in Destiny 2

One thing I’ve enjoyed about Destiny 2 is being rewarded with an exotic ship or sparrow. Whenever I see someone with something rare that I don’t have, I want it as well. This was the case with the Rat King sparrow, officially called Otherside.

I had heard tales that it existed and one of my fireteam members even said that he was able to acquire it. Being the absent-minded person I am, I wasn’t paying attention to how he got it. To my surprise, I was able to acquire this elusive sparrow, and can now inform you on how to get one for yourself.

How to Get the Otherside Sparrow

How to Get the Otherside Exotic Sparrow in Destiny 2
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To obtain the Otherside sparrow, you must play through the heroic strike playlist. It can be obtained from any strike as a random drop after opening the chest. Just like everything in Destiny 2, RNGesus is the ultimate decision maker on if you get it, so the grind could be extensive.

While you may have to pray to RNGesus, having multiple characters to run strikes each week gives you a greater chance of obtaining this exotic sparrow. Completing milestones across three characters will require you to finish nine heroic strikes, so maybe you get lucky during one of those. As someone who has horrible luck with obtaining some of the coolest and rarest items, I was surprised when it dropped for me. You’re talking to someone who never acquired the Crux of Crota no matter how many Crota raids they did in the first Destiny.

The coolest thing about the Otherside sparrow is, of course, the giant rat skull with glowing eyes. Therefore, members of the community call it the Rat King sparrow. If you pay close attention to the sides, you’ll notice that it has the same rat design as the Rat King exotic sidearm. The perks for the Rat King sparrow also drop at random so, once again, hopefully, you’re on good terms with RNGesus. If you didn’t get the set of perks you like, you’ll just have to grind away until another one drops and hope for the best.

Now that you know how to obtain the Otherside exotic sparrow in Destiny 2, browse through all our Destiny 2 content and find out how you can obtain more rare and exotic rewards.