How to get the Poet trait in Crusader Kings 3

Win your love’s heart by using the correct verse.

Crusader Kings III

Image via Paradox Interactive

When you want to sway or seduce a particular character in Crusader Kings III, it can take a bit of time and clever tactics to properly make them care about your character. A way to increase the chances of your character being able to sway or seduce another character is by having them become a poet. Your character will be able to use distinct rhymes and phrases to enthrall another person with their master of wordplay, enchanting them with the finest of comparisons. The poet trait can take a little time to acquire, but it’s extremely useful skill to have in your character’s pocket, especially if you plan to seduce an already wed character to pull them away from vows and duty. You can also send poetry to enemies if you wish to insult them.

To become a poet, you need a random event to occur in your Crusader Kings III playthrough. Because it’s random, it’s something you have to wait to happen, so there’s no direct path we recommend you take to get there faster. You won’t find a breakthrough to getting to it quicker, so you’ll have to remain patient, and you might even find yourself having to go through a generation or two before the random event happens.

When the special event happens, your character will gain the poet trait. It is a unique trait to them, enabling them to engage other characters through masterful wordplay. You’ll be able to use unique themes as a poet, such as creating pieces of work that focus on a character’s legacy, share in the mourning of a beloved ancestor, attempt to romance another character, or you can focus on the strife of current events.

The poet trait can be extremely useful to diplomatic characters who are already experts and bending other characters to their will using their charisma.