How to get the rainbow Thor skin in Fortnite – Holo skin



Fornite Chapter 2 Season 4 has a Battle Pass that is laden down with awesome Marvel skins. As you progress through the levels you will unlock Thor, She-Hulk, Iron Man, and many more. On top of this, each skin has some style variants that you can unlock, including some very special ones called the Foil skins.

Thor’s Holo Foil skin is commonly referred to as Rainbow Thor, but you will need to put in plenty of work to unlock this great looking skin. First up, you will need the Battle Pass which will cost you 950 V-Bucks, as you cannot get the basic Thor skin without it. After that, you will need to start leveling up, maxing out your Battle Pass, and unlocking all the items in it. Only after you reach level 100 can you start work on unlocking the foil skins.

There are three different foil skin variants for each of the heroes in the Battle Pass called Silver, Gold, and Holo. The Holo skin is the one that people are calling Rainbow Thor.

  • Silver – 105
  • Gold – 145
  • Holo – 185

To unlock the Holo Skin, you will need to reach level 185 on the Battle Pass, which will take quite a bit of work. On average, you will need to level up roughly two and a half levels each day of Season 4 if you want to unlock every foil skin variant on the Battle Pass, although getting to the Rainbow Thor skin takes slightly less work.

And that’s it, it will take a bit of dedicated playing through Season 4, but as as long as you are average roughly two and a half levels a day, you should get there before the season ends on November 30.