How to get the Recycler in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6

It’s good for the environment.

Image via Gamepur

The Recycler is a new weapon that has been introduced to Fortnite in Chapter 2 Season 6. It’s a strange weapon, almost a mix between a grenade launcher and a harvesting tool.

The way the weapon works is that you can right-click on objects to harvest them, sucking them into the recycler and generating ammo. You can harvest just about anything in the game to generate the ammo, so it’s a pretty good weapon to have from the point of view of the ammo economy. You can then fire this ammo at enemies which will cause explosive damage. The weapon comes in Rare, Epic, and Legendary rarities, and is quite hard to find.

The weapon can drop from chests, with a slightly higher chance of dropping from Rare Chests. It can spawn as ground loot, although this seems to be extremely rare, and it can also drop from Supply Drops if you search them.

The minimum damage the Recycler will do is 75, so you are looking at a roughly two-shot kill unless you hit someone in the head with one of them, which is hard to do as the shot will arc through the air.

The Recycler is something all players will need to track down for one of the Week 4 challenges that will be going live in the game on April 8.

You can find the rest of the Chapter 2 Season 6 Week 4 challenges below:

  • Set structures on fire (10)
  • Search chests (7)
  • Eliminate opponents with weapons of Rare rarity or higher (3)
  • Shockwave wildlife using a shockwave grenade or bow (1)
  • Tame animals in different matches (3)
  • Damage enemies with the Recycler
  • Revive a teammate (1)
  • Legendary quest: Deal damage with Primal weapons