How to get the Revolver in Sons of the Forest

Bang bang.

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Sons of the Forest will have you surviving harsh environments and hordes of mutants and cannibals. If you aren’t prepared, you will soon fail. While a base is important, there is nothing more useful than a good weapon to defend yourself. The Revolver is just one of the many weapons found on the island and it packs a serious punch – easily taking out foes with little ammo consumption. This guide will show you how to get the Revolver in Sons of the Forest.

Where to find the Revolver in Sons of the Forest

There are a lot of weapons in Sons of the Forest. You can find everything from a high-powered shotgun to a stealthy crossbow to help you fight back against the mutants and cannibals. Depending on where you spawn, it may take you quite some time to get the Revolver. Getting your hands on this weapon requires you to get the Shovel.

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Obtaining the Shovel is an entire ordeal in Sons of the Forest that requires you to obtain the Rope Gun as well as the Rebreather. Once you have access to the two items, you can head to the cave on the northern shore of the island to find the Shovel deep within it. Getting your hands on the Shovel allows you to uncover maintenance hatches around the island. The maintenance hatch that you need to find for the Revolver is maintenance hatch C.

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Maintenance hatch C is located in the northeastern part of the island to the northeast of the mountains. There is a large field in this area where you can spot a small surveillance setup with scanners and golf carts. In the center of this area, you will see a shovel symbol. Dig in this area until you uncover the hatch and go inside.

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Once inside, follow the hallway until you reach a room on the right side. Go into the room and you will find the Revolver sitting on the ground next to a dead maintenance worker.