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How to find the facility in Sons of the Forest

Another day, another hidden location.

The forest in Sons of the Forest has multiple places for you to explore, which include caves, bunkers, camps, and much more. These places are filled with loot and can help you acquire items which you can use to survive longer in the game. One of the places you need to visit is the facility, which is hidden away inside a cave. Here’s how you can find the facility in Sons of the Forest.

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Where is the facility in Sons of the Forest?

When you first start the game, you’ll notice that there are a few spots marked on the map. The location of the cave, which has the facility inside it, is marked on the map as a green pulse. It is located on the western side of the map. Simply make your way to the spot and look around for an entrance to the cave.

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As it will be dark inside, we suggest you build a torch first. This can be made using a single piece of stick and cloth. You can light it up by bringing out the lighter and holding the ‘L’ key. With the torch in your inventory, go to the cave entrance and press ‘E’. Now, take out the torch and keep going forward until you reach the room with the 3D Printer inside it. If you want to create some items for yourself, go ahead and navigate through the laptop next to the printer. Once you’re ready, you can get out of the room and go right.

As you go forward, you’ll eventually come across a locked door. This is the facility’s door, and you’ll need a Maintenance Key Card to unlock it. Once inside, you must make your way forward until you enter the Night Club area. This is where you’ll find a Guest Key Card. Take this keycard to the door to the swimming pool room to unlock it. Then, go through the area, and you’ll find a Chainsaw on a corpse sitting on a bean bag. One thing to remember is that you will encounter a bunch of mutants inside these rooms, so make sure you have the right equipment in your inventory before entering the cave.

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