How to get the Rover Drive in Terraria Calamity

Not a vehicle.

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Terraria can be an unforgiving game, and the popular mod Calamity increases that difficulty tenfold with new bosses, enemies, and even biomes. To help players counter the increased level of hazards, new items and recipes have also been added to keep you alive in the harshest conditions. One such item is the Rover Drive, which places a shield around the player every twenty seconds — here’s how to get it in Terraria Calamity.

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Where to find Rover Drive in Terraria Calamity

The Rover Drive drops from Wulfrum Rovers at a 10% rate. Wulfrum Rovers can spawn anywhere on the Surface during daytime in pre-hardmode. These enemies are static until they see a player, at which point it slides into the player to cause damage. These enemies are typically not much of a threat to most players, regardless of how far they are in the game. However, when charged by a Wulfrum Pylon, these enemies gain an energy shield that increases its defense, making it a bit more of a hassle.

What does the Rover Drive do in Calamity?

The Rover Drive is not a vehicle — it’s personal equipment that offers a small, 15 defense shield for 10 seconds. After the shield has expended its energy, the Rover Drive then needs 20 seconds to recharge before the shield is automatically reactivated. This shield, while temporary, can make a heft of difference during its active time. An immediate 15 defense is pretty large in early-game, and can trivialize many of the bosses damage-windows without flustering new players.

The big, hidden benefit of the Rover Drive is that it is a part of The Absorber, a Hardmode equipment that combines a litany of effects in the Ancient Manipulator, although that isn’t obtainable until pre-Moon Lord. Once you outgrow this piece of equipment, make sure you stash it in a safe place so it can return to glory in late-game.