How to get the Season of Defiance Artifact in Destiny 2

Prepare to defy fate.

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The Season of Defiance is the 20th season in Destiny 2 and launched alongside the Destiny 2 Lightfall expansion. There are a handful of changes alongside this major season, but one thing has returned: the Seasonal Artifact. You’ll receive this as you play through Destiny 2, giving you a chance to enhance your power and unlock unique armor mods to help boost your gameplay. Here’s what you need to know about how to get the Season of Defiance Artifact in Destiny 2.

Where do you get the Season of Defiance Artifact in Destiny 2?

The Season of Defiance artifact appears after you play through the first major campaign story mission in Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion. After The Witness sends his new Disciple, Calus, to Neptune to find The Veil, after attacking the Traveler and the rest of the Vanguard fleet, Osiris chases after Calus in an attempt to stop him. Your Guardian is tasked with aiding Osiris and protecting the Veil from Calus to prevent it from falling into The Witness’ hands. You’ll board one of Calus’, fighting through the crew, and destroy the reactor causing it to crashland on Neptune in Neomuna.

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Shortly after crash landing and saving Osiris, you’ll encounter the Cloud Striders who protect Neptune. You’ll then be tasked with meeting Nimbus, a younger Cloud Strider than Rohan, another you met when saving Osiris. Nimbus will give you the next campaign mission for Lightfall and hand you the artifact you will use throughout the Season of Defiance, where you’ll be battling against The Witness’ forces and Calus’ army on Neptune and Earth.

You’ll slowly level up the Artifact as you play Destiny 2, unlocking the various mods and enhancements you can use to empower your armor. These mods are beneficial and critical to stunning and defeating Champions.