How to get the secret ending in Little Nightmares II

There is more to this story than meets the eye.

How to get the secret ending in Little Nightmares II

The ending to Little Nightmares II throws up quite a lot of questions. Since its launch, fans have been debating how Tarsier Studios’ latest horror adventure title fits into the Little Nightmares timeline and how it might affect the franchise moving forward.

There is a missing piece to the game’s ending that some players might have missed. Little Nightmares II has a secret ending, which provides additional context to its plot, where a third installment in the series may go, and where it fits in the series’ timeline.

If you want to unlock the secret ending, there is one main thing you must do. To activate it, you have to find all 18 Glitching Remains scattered across four of Little Nightmares II’s chapters. Don’t worry about having to find them all in a single playthrough, either. You can use the game’s chapter selection option on the main menu to replay levels and to see how many Glitching Remains you have left to find on each chapter.

Once you have collected them all, replay the entirety of chapter five. After the final cutscene of the normal ending, the screen will fade to black before a new cutscene begins to play, which is the secret ending. If you have questions after that, you can check our thoughts on what the secret ending means and why Six betrayed Mono during the game’s climax.