How to get the Shotel in Elden Ring

For when you want armor piercing.

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The Shotel is one of the many classic Souls weapons that you can obtain in the Lands Between. This weapon has the ability to slip through an enemy’s guard. When you hit an enemy with this weapon, it ignores 40% of the target’s damage negation, making it a great dexterity-based weapon to get your hands on. This weapon comes equipped with the Spinning Slash weapon art that allows you to spin your body and hit multiple enemies around you. You can use additional inputs to attack multiple times. Here is how you can get the Shotel in Elden Ring.

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To obtain this weapon, you will need to make your way to Siofra River. This is one of the underground areas you can find throughout the Lands Between and is accessed by finding the Siofra River Well elevator in the Mistwood. This elevator can be found in a large building near the Minor Erdtree in the Mistwood. It is also located along the path that leads south of the Third Church of Marika.

Once you reach Siofra River, you will need to make your way through the area until you reach the Siofra River Bank Site of Grace. This is also the area where you will start to see the Ancestral Spirit enemies. In the center of this river area, you will find a large amount of scaffolding with multiple Ancestral Spirits on it. You can try to ignore the enemies but it is best to take them out so they don’t knock you off the platform. Climb to the top of the scaffolding and drop onto the platform below. This will take you over to a nearby tunnel that goes under the waterfall. Follow this tunnel to the ruins at the end to find the merchant marked on the map above. This merchant will sell you the Shotel for 2,500 Runes.