How to get the Silver Tora Kabuto in Final Fantasy XIV

Add the Silver Tora Kabuto helmet to your glamour collection.

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The festival events in Final Fantasy XIV are an excellent time for you to obtain a handful of exclusive items. To start 2022, you have the opportunity to participate in the Heavensturn 2022 event. You’ll have a limited time to run through the quest for this event and acquire all of the event items available in it, such as the Silver Tora Kabuto. Here’s what you need to do to get the Silver Tora Kabuto appearance item in Final Fantasy XIV.

The SIlver Tora Kabuto is only available during the Heavensturn 2022 event. The festival event is taking place from January 5 to 19. You’ll have to start it by finishing the Tangle with a Tora quest, which you can receive by speaking with Tora Bugyo at Limasa Lominsa, Upper Decks, at coordinates (X:11.5, Y:13.9).

Image via Square-Enix

You have to work your way through the questline of the Heavensturn 2022 event, and you’ll then gain access to the Silver Tora Kabuto. You’ll also have the chance to earn the Golden Tora Kabuto and The White Tiger furnishing item. All three are exclusively available for the Heavensturn 2022 event, which wraps up on January 19.

Once you have the item, you can add it as a glamour helmet for your character, ensuring you can still wear items with powerful stats for your character’s Job underneath it.