How to get the Stalwart Hero title in Overwatch 2

You keep coming back for more.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Titles are one of the new features Overwatch 2 added after the transfer from the original game. You will regularly see these titles appear under a player’s username on the scoreboard and in the play of the game highlight intro. One you have likely seen quite a bit is the Stalwart Hero. During the early portions of Overwatch 2 being available, you probably assumed that person is a dedicated player but is that true? Here is how you can get the Stalwart Hero title in Overwatch 2 and what it means.

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How to unlock the Stalwart Hero title in Overwatch 2

The Stalwart Hero title in Overwatch 2 is given to anyone who wins at least 250 matches of any mode in the game. Just play regularly in Unranked, Ranked, or Arcade more, and you will eventually unlock this. Unfortunately, it does not appear that the stats you carry over from the first game count toward this, so you have to start over to get it. That being said, winning 250 games is something that shouldn’t take too long.

If you ever want to check your progress on the Stalwart Hero track, you open up the Challenges page and go to the Lifetime tab. For the Stalwart Hero track, there are more challenges that reward you with rewards for your long-term wins.

  • Tenacious Hero – 750 wins
  • Unrelenting Hero – 1,750 wins

Those three challenges will show off how much overall time you put into the game. If you are dedicated to a particular role, there are titles tied to winning games in that role as well. After you unlock any title, you can equip it by entering Career Profile and tabbing over to Customization. You can also get titles from Competitive and Battle Pass areas.