How to get the Stark Industries Jetpack in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4

Going up.


Image via Epic Games

The Stark Industries Jetpack is a new item that was introduced to Fortnite with update 14.50. This is a manouverabilty item, allowing you to jet through the air for brief periods of time.

You can find the item from searching chests, or as random ground loot anywhere that ground loot normally spawns. It’s an Epic item, so that means a purple rarity. The Stark Industires Jetpack has a maximum charge of 100, and this is reduced for as long as it is being activated. When it reaches 0 it will need to recharge to 100 again.

You can reach a maximum height of three to four stories straight up, slightly less if you are moving in any direction. It also charges quite quickly and is better to control that the previous iteration of a Jetpack in the game

The Stark Industries Jetpack seems to be a pretty rare item, so it might take a lot of searching before you manage to track one down. Interestingly enough, they don’t seem to spawn very often at Stark Industries.

The Jetpack is a great way to surprise enemies, and you can use it to get onto the roof of a occupied building and then attack your enemies from above. It does make some noise however, so it won’t take long for smart players to adapt to its presence in the game so make sure you are not just boosting into an ambush.