How to get the Starlight Mobile in Final Fantasy XIV’s Starlight Celebration 2021

Add some holiday cheer to your home.

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You’ll be earning a handful of items during the Final Fantasy XIV Starlight Celebration for 2021. You can earn the Wind-up Rudy minion and the Emperor Squirrel for completing the main quests for the seasonal event. But you can also earn a Starlight Mobile that you can add to your home. However, unlike the other two items, the Starlight Mobile is available elsewhere in the event. This guide covers how to get the Starlight Mobile item in Final Fantasy XIV’s Starlight Celebration 2021.

You need to speak with the NPC named Starlight Celebrant. You can find them in Old Gridania, right next to where the Starlight Celebration begins. They’re at coordinates (X:10.6, Y:8.7). They will have the Starlight Mobile available for you to purchase 6,000 Gil.

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You can speak to the Starlight Celebrant at any time during the event. You do not need to complete the Seasonal Quests or any other objectives before speaking with them to access their inventory. The Starlight Mobile will be available to purchase for as long as you want, and you can buy as many you can. The Starlight Celebration 2021 will be happening from December 16 to 31. Once the event wraps up, you can’t obtain the Starlight Mobile.