How to get the Sweeping Edge enchantment in Minecraft, and what it does

It’s not for your broom.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Sword enchantments in Minecraft are both varied and very useful to have. If you have taken the time to gather the ingredients to craft a Diamond or Netherite Sword, you will want to have the enchantments to make sure you are getting the most out of it. The Sweeping Edge enchantment is exclusive to the Java Edition of Minecraft and can be used to deal extra damage if you use your swords in a particular way. Here is what the Sweeping Edge enchantment is and how to get it in Minecraft.

The Sweeping Edge enchantment is used to increase the damage dealt when you use a sweeping attack with your sword. It can be applied exclusively only to a sword and has three levels. The levels of damage increased per level is 50/67/75%. Now, whenever multiple mobs attack you, and you go for a sweep attack, your damage will be enhanced.

Getting the Sweeping Edge enchantment is the same as any other enchantment. You can find an Enchantment Book that gives the buff by exploring the world, trading, or fishing it out of water. When you have the book, go to an Anvil and spend the Experience needed to add it to a sword of your choice. Additionally, you can try your luck at an Enchantment Table, but those are more luck-oriented. Since we are talking about a Java-only enchantment, we will add that you can use “enchant @sweeping 3” in the console commands to enchant it instantly to the third level. To do either of the other levels, just change the number.