How to get the Temptation’s Hook in Destiny 2

Just look at it.

Destiny 2

The Tempation’s Hook is a new sword added to Destiny 2 in the Season of Arrivals. The sword has a Caster Frame, so your heavy attack will launch an energy protective at enemies, heavy attacks will be stronger with full energy, and your attacks will partially bypass elemental shields. It’s a great sword and looks amazing with the glowing edge and vicious-looking curved in the blade. It can also have the Vorpal Weapon perk, making it especially strong against bosses.

Tempation's Hook

To get the Temptation’s Hook, you will be relying on Umbral Engrams. Umbral Engrams are a new addition to the game this season and will be a solid source of new gear, weapons, and armor for your Guardians. You can get them the same way you can get Legendary Engrams, so you should find plenty of them when playing the game.

When you find one, you will need to bring it to the Prismatic Recaster, and you will be able to focus the Engram into a Pyramid-Focused Umbral Engram that will drop weapons of the Darkness. One of those weapons is the Temptation’s Hook, so just bring your newly focused Engram to the Umbral Decoder to see if you get lucky.

After you upgrade your Prismatic Recaster using Twisted Energy, you will eventually get access to the ability to turn your Umbral Engrams into Edge Focused Umbral Engrams, these will only drop the Temptation’s Hook or the Whispering Slab, so are a fantastic way to try and get God Rolls for this impressive sword.