How to get the Thunderlord Exotic Catalyst in Destiny 2

Here comes the lightning.

Image via Bungie

The Thunderlord Exotic Catalyst is available for you to collect in Destiny 2. You will be able to add it to your collection as you run through the game and augment your Thunderlord to make it even more powerful. For those keen to regularly use this weapon in their loadout, the catalyst will be an excellent way to boost it properly. This guide covers how you can get the Thunderlod Exotic Catalyst in Destiny 2.

Where to find the Thunderlord Exotic Catalyst in Destiny 2

There are several ways the Thunderlord Exotic Catalyst can drop for you, but it’s all centered on luck. There’s a chance you can obtain it as a drop by working your way through Vanguard Strikes, Crucible PvP matches, or Gambit. These are the three locations you have a chance to find it and obtain it for your Thunderlord. Our best recommendation is to play one of these three modes you enjoy the most or complete your weekly bounties and matches for each activity before moving on to your preferred option. The Vanguard Strikes might be the preferred method for many players.

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Upon looting the Thunderlord Exotic Catalyst, you must take down opponents using this weapon. You will need to eliminate 500 enemies using it, which means you want to use it as often as possible. When you reach this total, you can add the Exotic Catalyst to your weapon, turning it into a Masterwork exotic, boosting its stats, and unlocking a special passive. For the Thunderlord, it partially reloads the magazine from your reserves whenever you cause a lightning strike with this weapon.

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It might take you some time to loot the Thunderlord Exotic Catalyst, but by doing so, you will gain access to a powerful machine gun exotic in your arsenal.