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How to get the Torture Dance Emote in Destiny 2

A bizarre dance for bizarre players.

The Torturous Dance Emote Emote is one of the most iconic in the entire game because of its inspiration. Fans fell in love with it as soon as it was as much as rumored to be in the game, and now they want it for themselves as fast as possible. This guide explains how to get the Torturous Dance Emote so that you can dance with your fireteam in true style.

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How do you get the Torturous Dance Emote?

The Torturous Dance Emote is an Eververse Multiplayer Emote. This means that you must buy it with Destiny 2’s premium currency, Silver, and that you can only get it when it’s available from the in-game Silver vendor, Eververse. It should cost 800 Silver when it is made available. This Vendor’s stock rotates on a weekly basis, so there’s never a guarantee that you can get it. However, the Eververse stock rotations for Destiny 2 Season of Defiance were datamined ahead of the season’s release, and there’s no mention of the Torturous Dance Emote in there.

This leads us to believe that you will be able to buy the Torturous Dance Emote from the Eververse Store at a time that Bungie has already decided. There will likely be a crossover marketing deal with the show the dance is inspired by, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. We will need to wait for the crossover deal to go live, and then the dance will be available for a limited time after that.

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The best way to ensure you get the Torturous Dance Emote is to keep an eye on the Eververse Store’s inventory each week. You should also follow Bungie on Twitter to catch any announcements and track the Destiny Subreddit to ensure you see if anyone in the community shares news about the Emote. Once you own it, you and your fireteam can pretend you’re torturing the enemy in Gambit, Crucible, or a Raid if you time things right.

What is the Torture Dance from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure?

The Torture Dance is a sequence in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure when the characters Fugo, Narancia, and Mista perform a dance while they’re torturing another character called Zucchero. This shows the dance interspersed with some surreal imagery, mirroring some torture techniques that you might read about if you research certain tactics that aim to break a person’s mind.

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