How to get Polymorphic Shellcode in Destiny 2

A hidden key is yours to collect.

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Polymorphic Shellcode is one of the many resources introduced in Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion. This update adds a location called Neomuna, a futuristic city built on Neptune and home to a character and location vendor, Nimbus. This location is packed with resources and materials to farm, and Polymorphic Shellcode is locked behind a significant grind. This guide will break down how to get Polymorphic Shellcode in Destiny 2.

Where to find Polymorphic Shellcode in Destiny 2

This rare resource is unlike many resources in Destiny 2. This item can only be earned after completing a long quest and then from Nimbus directly. To begin the hunt for Polymorphic Shellcode, you must complete the Lightfall campaign. Once the campaign is complete, you must visit the Hall of Heroes and speak to Neomuna Archivist Quinn Laghari.

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After speaking with this character, you must complete a series of lengthy quests. They’re as follows.

  • Welcome to the Hall of Heroes quest.
  • Stargazer Memorial quest.
  • Maelstrom Memorial quest.
  • Bluejay Memorial quest.

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The Bluejay memorial quest will require a Terminal Overload key to finish that quest, but these are easy to earn if you farm enemies and events in a Vex Incursion Zone. You will then speak to Nimbus, and they will give you your first Polymorphic Shellcode. This item will be needed to attempt the Partition mission. The Partition mission is challenging, so we recommend trying it once you are near the 1790 Power requirement. Complete this mission to unlock a weekly bounty from Nimbus.

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This weekly bounty is called Vex Incursion Countermeasures. This bounty can only be completed once per week. To complete this bounty, you must venture into the daily Vex Incursion location and defeat enemies using Strand or Strand weapons.

Take advantage of this weekly bounty to earn a steady supply of Polymorphic Shellcode and complete the Partition mission to earn yourself a shiny Pinnacle reward once per week.