How to get the Treasure under the Stronghold in Resident Evil Village

Fight or die.

Image via Capcom

Resident Evil Village’s titular suburb is filled with hidden treasures. These can be worth an incredible amount of Lei, allowing players to purchase all-important upgrades, ammo, or items to help them get through the hellish campaign.

One of them, the Treasure under the Stronghold is proving to be quite confusing for players. Truthfully, this is easy to get, they simple need to have progressed to the right part of the story to do so.

Players will not be able to make their way to the Treasure under the Stronghold until they have killed Moreau and returned to the village after that boss fight. When they do so, Heisenberg will advise them that he is happy to let them get the last part of their daughter, if they can survive the ordeal. Players will need to follow the large yellow signs that Heisenberg has constructed, and make their way to Stronghold.

Stronghold is where the Werewolves live, and will feature lots of running and gunning against their dangerous foes. It is quite linear, with only one possible route, and that route lead to Urias, the enormous hammer-wielding werewolf that players will have already met. They will need to fight and kill Urias, at which point they can head deeper under Stronghold.

As they venture through the tunnels underneath stronghold, once again following a largely linear route, they will come to the treasure. It is not in a treasure chest, and is actually a golden platter called Guglielmo’s Plate. It will be in a hallway on the the left as they make their way down some stairs.