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How to get the true ending in Sifu

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Sifu is a challenging game, but when you finally clear all five stages, beat Yang, and get your revenge, you might feel a tad unsatisfied. That’s because there’s a true ending — there’s a reason no credits play until you get it. Spoilers ahead if you’ve yet to finish the game yourself. Here’s how to unlock the true ending of Sifu.

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When you first beat Yang, you’ll get a cryptic message about attaining Wude, which requires you to exhibit virtue and show mercy to your opponents. Doing that will unlock the five Talismans, and you need them all in your possession for the true ending to pop. Our guides for the Wood Talisman, Fire Talisman, Water Talisman, Metal Talisman, and Earth Talisman have more detail, but in short, you need to spare all the bosses instead of killing them off. While you can technically get them in any order, you’ll need the first four in your possession before you face Yang again to trigger the ending. The four elements will light up the room right before his boss fight to signify that you’re on the right track.

From there, face Yang and spare him like the others. After his third phase, you’ll have unlocked all five Talismans, triggering the game’s true ending. It’ll be much more satisfying this time around.

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