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How to get the Unstable Containment Core in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Learn to summon the rare elite Ancient Protector.

The Ancient Protector is a summonable rare elite mob added in World of WarCraft’s Dragonflight expansion. She can be summoned at the titan facility Tyrhold, located in Thaldraszus above the entrance to the Halls of Infusion dungeon, at coordinates 59, 58.5. This mob is known as a “super rare,” meaning it is a rare elite that is challenging and can drop a high-level rare item (item levels 350 – 385).

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Where to find Unstable Containment Core in WoW: Dragonflight

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In addition to her regular rare elite loot table offering rare quality weapons and drakewatcher manuscripts, the Ancient Protector can drop one exclusive item: the Ancient Dancer’s Longspear. This rather large polearm has an exclusive weapon model shared only with a rare cosmetic item which may be found in chests located in the Ohn’ahran Plains.

How and where to get Unstable Matrix Core

To summon the Ancient Protector, you’ll need to defeat the nearby Titan Defense Matrix and loot Unstable Matrix Core. This item is a guaranteed drop, and everyone in your party will receive one. While they have only a 15-minute duration, you’ll have more than enough time to collect five and summon the rare elite.

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Where to use Unsustainable Containment Core

Once you’ve collected five Unstable Matrix Cores, simply use the items to combine them into a rare quality Unsustainable Containment Core. Now that you’ve gotten your hands on an Unstable Containment Core, you’ll need to use it to activate any one nearby pillar to summon the Ancient Protector. There are four such pillars in Tyrhold, found at the following locations:

  • /way 61, 55.1 Northern Pillar
  • /way 59.4, 56.8 Northeastern Pillar
  • /way 59.5, 60.7 Southeastern Pillar
  • /way 60.9, 62.4 Eastern Pillar
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These pillars are marked on your world map, and you’ll need to activate only one pillar to spawn the Ancient Protector. Enter the pillar and interact with the swirling vortex within to activate the pillar. Upon doing so, the Ancient Protector will spawn in the center of the four pillars at coordinates 59.1, 58.7. While she is a rare elite, she is easily defeated, and it may be difficult to get a tap on her before she is killed. Thankfully, as we’ve detailed above, collecting another Unstable Containment Core is fairly easy to spawn her again.

Although she can be summoned and defeated at any time, the Ancient Protector is also an objective of two quests, a Daily Quest called “Ancient Protector” and a Rare Elite World Quest, “Reclaiming the Hold,” which requires the defeat of multitudes of mobs in Tyrhold to reach 100% completion. This rare elite also counts toward completing the “Adventurer of Thaldraszus” achievement.

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