How to get the Vault Edition cosmetics and rewards in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

A bug has caused Vault owners to be left without their items.

Image via Activison

As Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has become available worldwide, Vault Edition owners are eager to finally use all of its packaged goods. Although more expensive than the base game, its owners have access to an FJX Cinder Weapon Blueprint, the Red Team 141 Operator Pack, and the upcoming Season One Battle Pass. Unfortunately, the game is currently dealing with a glitch that makes these exclusive items not appear in-game. Here’s how to resolve this frustrating bug and get the Vault Edition items in MW2.

How to fix the Vault Edition rewards not showing up error in MW2

The issue of Vault Edition rewards not showing up in Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer is widespread, so this is not the fault of your console or PC. However, there is a different fix to have these items appear in-game for each platform. You can find the potential solution for your console or PC below.

Restore the game’s license on PlayStation

Vault Edition owners on PlayStation consoles can retrieve their goods by resetting MW2’s license. This can be done by first heading to the User and Accounts tab in the PlayStation’s Settings, clicking on Other, and simply choosing its Restore Licenses option. You should then restart the game application and check if the items appear. According to developer Infinity Ward, the solution will also resolve the issue of Oni being locked in the Operators menu.

via Infinity Ward’s Twitter account

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Reboot your console or PC

Xbox and PC users have found that rebooting their platforms can also fix this bug. Those looking to do this also should pause any ongoing downloads ahead of time to ensure they do not become corrupted. It is worth noting that players who have changed their home region before the game’s official release may not be able to get their Vault rewards from these methods. If this happens to be you, it is best to contact Activision’s Support team for further assistance.