How to get the Victor mount in Final Fantasy XIV

Let the hunt begin.

Image via Square Enix YouTube

There are a variety of mounts for you to unlock and add to your collection in Final Fantasy XIV. Finding out the steps you need to receive them can be a bit of a challenge, but once you know what you have to do, it’s typically an everyday grind until you unlock it and add it to your character. Here, we will cover how to get the Victor mount in Final Fantasy XIV.

The Victor mount will be a bit of a chore because of how much you’re going to have to put into it. Although, if you enjoy The Hunts that you can do in Final Fantasy XIV, it might be an easier experience for you. The only way to receive The Victor mount is to unlock The Endgame Hunter achievement, which you’ll receive when you complete the Take Your S Game Further III and take Your A Game Further III achievements.

The Take Your Game Further III achievements can be completed by completing elite mark hunts. For the Your A Game Further achievement, you’ll need to eliminate 2,000 elite marks of the A category. For the Take Your S Game Further, you’ll need to eliminate 1,000 elite marks of the S category.

These are all the elite A marks in Endwalker and the areas you can find them. These marks appear every four to six hours. These creatures have multiple spawn points.

  • Aegeiros: Garlemald
  • Arch-Eta: Ultima Thule
  • Fan Ail: Ultima Thule
  • Gurangatch: Elpis
  • Hulder: Labyrinthos
  • Lunatender Queen: Mare Lamentorum
  • Minerva: Garlemald
  • Mousse Princess: Mare Lamentorum
  • Petalodus: Elpis
  • Storsie: Labyrinthos
  • Sugriva: Thavnair
  • Yilan: Thavnair

These are all the elite S marks in Endwalker and the areas you can find them. There’s also a specific way to trigger them and force them to spawn. Unfortunately, not all of the S marks have been located, and we will be updating this page when we receive that information.

  • Armstrong: Garlemald
  • Ophioneus: Elpis
  • Ruminator: Marelamentorum

Once you’ve completed 2,000 elite A marks and 1,000 elite S marks in the Endwalker region, you’ll receive The Endgame Hunter achievement and receive Victor’s Whistle.