How to get the Wrath’s Wrath Wrap in Fortnitemares 2020

Get Creative.


Image via Epic Games

Fortnitemares will be starting today, October 21, and one of the free goodies up for grabs is the Wrath’s Wrath Wrap. To get your hands on this interesting looking wrap you will need to do a bit of sleuthing in Fortnite Creative Mode.

Over the course of Fortnitemares, Fortnite Creative will feature four Fortnitemares-inspired featured islands. Buried in each featured island, you’ll be able to discover digits of a mysterious code. Explore these haunted islands and combine 20 total digits to unearth the Wrath’s Wrath Wrap.

The first island will be available on October 21. Return to Fortnite Creative each day through October 24 to check out a new featured island and find the new digits. After you find all the digits, enter the completed code at to add the Wrath’s Wrath Wrap to your Locker. The redemption code will expire on October 27 at 10:00 AM ET.

Now, this will obviously take a few days to unfold, but we will be collecting all of the relevant codes here for anyone who needs them. If you would like to try exploring the island for yourself, all you need to do is launch the game, go to the Play tab and hit the Change button above the large play button in the bottom right. Select Creative Mode and then click on the featured island of the day to go in and have a look around for the codes.

From what we can tell, the first island has yet to go live in the game, so we are waiting for that to happen, then we can start looking for the codes.

  • Day One Code – AU9NJ
  • Day Two Code – BLVHV
  • Day Three Code – TCLJS
  • Day Four Code – 54YTB


If you would like to see where to find the codes, check out the videos below.

Day One Code

Day Two Code

Day Three Code