How to Get & Use Wind Charges in Minecraft 1.21

There are more items for players to pick up and use that it’s reasonable to remember in Minecraft 1.21, and the Wind Charge adds new layers.

get and use wind charges minecraft 2-21

Image via Mojang

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There are dozens of items for players to pick up, store, and use in Minecraft. After hundreds of hours played, most fans can recite what these are from memory, but Mojang is changing all that by adding new ones, such as Wind Charges with Minecraft 1.21.

The beauty of Minecraft is that every block and item plays both a minor role in the moment and a major role when put in a broader context. For example, meat can be cooked to help players eat and survive early on. However, that same meat can be farmed and used to breed Villagers who will eventually help players gain powerful items they need for the endgame. Wind Charges work in the same way, with an immediate use and one that will help players much later in their playthrough.

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How to Get Wind Charges in Minecraft 1.21

To get Wind Charges in Minecraft 1.21, players need to find and defeat Breeze enemies in Trial Chambers. This enemy type can only be found in Trial Chambers, which spawn below ground starting at the Deepslate Layer, found between Y=8 and Y=0 in the overworld.

Image via Mojang

Once players have defeated a Breeze, as well as every other enemy in the Trial, and have unlocked The Vault for their rewards, they can collect the Wind Charges that it drops. These work like any other item and will sit in the player’s inventory until equipped and used.

How to Use Wind Charges in Minecraft 1.21

To use Wind Charges in Minecraft 1.21, players must equip them and launch them at enemies. Once they hit an enemy, they explode and cause wind to burst everywhere, damaging the foe and knocking them and nearby mobs back.

using wind charges in minecraft 1-21
Image via Mojang

This knockback effect can also be used by players to help them climb around their realm. For example, throwing it at the ground beneath their feet will cause them to boost up into the air, allowing them to effectively double jump or jump much higher than they’d usually be able to.

Wind Charges can come into their own when players are trying to raid Nether Fortresses or other dangerous locations. By using one in a pinch, they can jump away from enemies and escape certain doom. We like the idea of building a base with a jump that requires Wind Charges to climb, so there’s always at least one safe spot in the base at all times.