How To Defeat The Breeze In Minecraft 1.21

The Breeze is an enemy you can encounter in Trial Chambers in Minecraft, and this guide details to you how to defeat one.


Image via Mojang

There are multiple unique enemies for you to encounter while playing through Minecraft, and one you might come across is called The Breeze. This wind-based enemy only appears in select locations, but when you face off against one, you’ll need to make sure you’re ready.

When fighting The Breeze, there are specific attacks you want to use against them. If you go with the wrong type of attack, a Breeze will deflect them, not taking any damage, and you’ll wish you brought a backup weapon with you to help take it down. Here’s what you need to know about how to defeat The Breeze in Minecraft.

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How to Fight The Breeze in Minecraft

Image via Mojang

The Breeze will appear when attempting to complete a Trial Chamber in your Minecraft world. Trial Chambers appear in the Deepslate level of the underground, and Copper and Tuff blocks surround them. These are easy to pick out while exploring the underground, and the Breeze will appear after you activate the Trial Spawner. The Trial Spawner is similar to a regular enemy spawner, only it spawns enemies based on the number of players you’ve brought with you to this location. If you bring a large part with you, expect a heavy attack from all fronts.

When confronting The Breeze, avoid using any type of thrown weapon against them. This means throwing a Trident or using a Bow. If an arrow hits a Breeze, it will not affect them, and they’ll be able to corner you using their deadly wind-based attacks. During a battle with a Breeze, they send out gusts of wind against your Minecraft character that, when they hit something, it releases bursts of air, and deals knockback damage against your character.

I’ve found the best way to fight against The Breeze is to get close to it and use a melee weapon. I’ve successfully dealt damage against it using a Minecraft sword I crafted, slowly chunking down its health before it would disappear. This takes some time and practice as The Breeze will jump into the air and dash away a good distance. I did struggle against my first encounter with one.

You’ll want to be careful when cornering The Breeze during a Trial Chamber. The number of enemies that appear from a Trial Spawner will vary based on how many Minecraft characters you took with you to conquer this arena. However, the reward for defeating a Trial Spawn is a Trial Key.