How to get Weapon Batteries in Tower of Fantasy

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One of the dozens of upgrade materials in Tower of Fantasy, Weapon Batteries are nonetheless critical to progression. You’ll be using them by the truckload to upgrade your Simulacra Weapons, and while there are plenty of sources for the lower-tier varieties, the higher your Weapon’s level, the more Batteries you’ll use. This guide explains how to get all the Weapon Batteries you’ll need to keep your equipment in top shape.

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Weapon Battery sources in Tower of Fantasy

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Weapon Batteries come in four rarities, and the higher the rarity, the tougher they are to come by.

  • Weapon Battery I (common): Oddly, these low-rarity items are less common than you might expect. There are two primary sources: blue password chests and Omnium Beacon rewards. The former you’ll find out in the world, and the latter take at least a day to receive.
  • Weapon Battery II (uncommon): The Weapon Battery type you’ll find in droves, you’ll earn these primarily from Standard Banner gacha pulls. You’re likely to get around five or six of them per 10 Standard Banner pulls. You’ll also get them from Mia’s Kitchen rewards, the Points Store, opening purple password chests, and Select Adventure activities.
  • Weapon Battery III (rare): You can get these Batteries from only three places: Bounty Mission rewards, the Weapon Store for 2 Black gold, or on receiving a repeat blue Weapon from a Standard Banner gacha pull.
  • Weapon Battery IV (super rare): Unfortunately, there are no consistent ways to get this level of Weapon Battery. They are awarded rarely and from no one particular source.

While Weapon Battery IIs are relatively common, don’t spend them at will. The higher in level a Weapon becomes, the more Batteries it will take to upgrade them, and if you’ve been using up Batteries like candy, you’ll soon find yourself running short. Upgrading your weapons is vital to power progression in Tower of Fantasy, and if you’re unable to do it, you’re likely to fall behind quickly and stay there.