How to get White Scrips in Final Fantasy XIV

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Collectable Appraiser

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White Scrip is an important currency in Endwalker. A token received for turning in Crafting or Gathering Collectables, it is useful for not only purchasing starter gear, but also Materia and Tokens that will be useful for your Crafting and Gathering needs later on. Here’s how to get White Scrip in Final Fantasy XIV.

First, you need to have unlocked Collectables in Radz-at-han, and be able to speak with the Collectable Appraiser (x11, y10). This NPC will reward you with experience and White Scrips for specific Collectable items, which you can view at any time by speaking to him. This list not only shows you what you can turn in, but also what the rewards will be depending on the level of Collectability — more on this in a minute.

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You will notice that there are three tiers of rewards per item. Minimum Collectability, that is, 600 to 799, will reward the least amount of rewards, while maximum Collectability, or 1000, will net the most rewards. Whenever possible, you want to try and max out your Collectability to get the most rewards the fastest.

A second way to obtain White Scrip can be found in Old Sharlayan, at the Studium (x4, y9). Studium Deliveries, a set of side-quests that flesh out the Old Sharlayan ways of Crafting and Gathering, are a set of quests that can only be completed for their rewards once. However, these quests provide a substantial amount of experience and white scrips for your use. You must be minimum level 80 to accept Studium Deliveries.