How to Get Year of the Dragon FENDI x FRGMT x Pokemon Collection Avatar Items in Pokemon Go

Pokemon has partnered with luxury brand FENDI to bring Year of the Dragon fashion to your wardrobe in real life and in Pokemon Go.

Fendi X FRGMT x Pokemon GO avatar items

Image via FENDI and The Pokemon Company

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2024 is the Year of the Dragon, and Pokemon fans are eager to see how the franchise celebrates with Dragon types. First, we’ve got a Year of the Dragon Pokemon collaboration with luxury brand FENDI, bringing merch to real life and Pokemon Go.

If the price tag of the real-life FENDI x FRGMT x Pokemon collection has you shaking your bag for more PokeCoins, Pokemon Go offers a virtual solution. Starting today, trainers can get avatar items in Pokemon Go based on the luxury brand collaboration. Let’s take a look at the items on offer and how to get them in your game.

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What is the FENDI x FRGMT x Pokemon Collection?

Fendi X FRGMT X Pokemon Collection
Image via Fendi & The Pokemon Company

This Year of the Dragon collab brings luxury brand FENDI together with Pokemon in a limited collection of exclusive items featuring Dratini, Dragonair, and Dragonite. The items range from $350 to nearly $4000 in price and include jewelry, bags, and clothing.

The line features the FENDI x FRGMT logo alongside Dragon-type Pokemon and is divided into Women’s and Men’s lines, with 16 total styles to choose from.

How to Get FENDI x FRGMT x Pokemon Collection Avatar Items in Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO Avatar Items FENDI x FRGMT x Pokemon
Screenshot by Gamepur

In addition to the IRL line, this collaboration includes virtual items for players to wear in Pokemon Go. There are three items in total, one available in the Web Store and two others featured at sponsored PokeStops.

What is The Pokemon Go FENDI x FRGMT Hoodie Code

The Pokemon Go free Fendi Hoodie code is “FENDIxFRGMTxPOKEMON“. Trainers can redeem the code in the Pokemon Go Web store to receive a FENDI x FRGMT x Pokemon hoodie for their Avatar. This promotion starts on January 4, 2024, and will last an entire year, ending on January 4, 2025.

You’ll need to log in to the Web Store using your Pokemon Go login information. Once logged in, players can enter the offer code. After a successful code redemption, the avatar item will appear in the Pokemon Go Style area, under the “Sponsors” section.

Players can also get additional FENDI x FRGMT x Pokemon items for their avatar by visiting certain Fendi-sponsored PokeStops. These sponsored stops will be Fendi retail stores and other pop-up locations, primarily in larger cities. The full list of sponsored stops where players can get their FENDI x FRGMT x Pokemon hat and t-shirt is available on FENDI’s website.

Spinning the sponsored PokeStops will give Pokemon Go players an exclusive hat and t-shirt from the collaboration. Like the promo code, these PokeStops and their luxury items will be around until January 4, 2025.