How to get Yun Jin for free in Genshin Impact

A rare gift.

Image via mihoYo

Getting characters in Genshin Impact normally involves using Wishes and Banners, and a bit of luck. Fortunately, a rare event will allow players to get a free character, and they can even pick Yun Jin, a new 4 Star Geo character that has just been added to the game.

Genshin Impact will soon be rerunning the Stand By Me event as part of the upcoming Lantern Rite Festival or The Fleeting Colors in Flight Festival, and this time it will be called Preposterous Partnerships. This means players will be able to earn the chance to choose a free 4 Star character from the Liyue region. The good news is that Yun Jin is from Liyue, and will be included in the pool of available characters to pick from.

  • Beidou (Electro Claymore)
  • Chongyun (Cryo Claymore)
  • Ningguang (Geo Catalyst)
  • Xiangling (Pyro Polearm)
  • Xingqiu (Hydro Sword)
  • Xinyan (Pyro Claymore)
  • Yanfei (Pyro Catalyst)
  • Yun Jin (Geo Polearm)

Players will need to complete the relevant quests for the Preposterous Partnerships event when they go live in the game. We will have more details on exactly what those challenges entail closer to the launch of the event. We do know that players will need to obtain Affluence Talisman, Immaculate Talisman, and Conquest Talismans that will be tied to specific activities during The Fleeting Colors in Flight Festival.