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How to get Zskera Vault Keys in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Unlock the secrets in Neltharion's vaults.

World of Warcraft’s 10.0.7 content patch brings its players back to the Forbidden Reach, the starting zone of its Dracthyr Evoker class. One major feature of the expanded zone is the Zskera Vaults, a solo scenario in which you navigate a dungeon solving puzzles and defeating enemies. To unlock all of the doors to the vaults and claim the treasures within, you’ll need to collect Zskera Vault Keys. You’ll receive six keys upon completion of the introductory questline, which is just enough to give you a taste of the treasure hunt within and will likely leave you wanting more. Thankfully, we’ve outlined the various methods of obtaining Zskera Vault Keys in World of Warcraft Dragonflight.

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Where to find Zskera Vault Keys in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

As expected, Zskera Vault Keys can be obtained by completing content in the Forbidden Reach zone. You should expect to collect a total of 30 keys to unlock all of the locked doors in the Zskera Vaults each week, possibly less depending on the Vault’s layout that week. While your progress within the Zskera Vaults is character-specific, the Zskera Vault Keys bind to your account and can be traded among your characters. This makes it easy to complete content on multiple alts and earn the necessary amount of keys to fully clear the Vault on your main character. Here are the best ways to get Zskera Vault Keys in World of Warcraft Dragonflight:

Defeat Rare Elites in the Forbidden Reach

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There are new Rare Elites and events that can be found each day in the Forbidden Reach, with varying respawn timers. These mobs have a very high chance to drop Zskera Vault Keys when defeated, and you can easily check which rares or events are up and where they’ve spawned by looking for a corresponding icon on your world map.

Complete weekly quests in the Forbidden Reach

There are currently two weekly quests available that award Zskera Vault Keys: “Primordial Answers,” which provides one key upon completion, and “A Brew for the Ages,” which grants three Zskera Vault Keys. Both quests’ objectives require exploring and unlocking doors within Zskera Vault, so you’ll likely need some keys to start with before you’re able to complete these quests.

Purchase Sack of Oddities with Elemental Overflow

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Elemental Overflow is a currency that can be obtained by completing Elemental Storm events throughout the Dragon Isles and by defeating enemies within the Forbidden Reach and Zskera Vault. You can visit Cataloger Daela (34, 60) at the camp on Morqut Islet and spend Elemental Overflow to purchase Sack of Oddities which contains Elemental Overflow and has a chance to contain 1-3 Zskera Vault Keys.

Find and loot the Forbidden Hoards

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Another way you can get your hands on some Zskera Vault Keys is by looting a special treasure chest called a Forbidden Hoard. This special encounter starts every thirty minutes at one of sixteen known spawn locations. When a Forbidden Hoard has spawned, an icon will display on your world map so you won’t have to guess where to head. Once you reach the location, defeat numerous elite enemies to gain access to the chest. You’ll be handsomely rewarded when you get there with various items, including Zskera Vault Keys.

Locate and defeat the Loot Specialist before he escapes

Fans of the Diablo series should be no stranger to this little guy’s gimmick. The Loot Specialist is a randomly spawning Goblin enemy that, once engaged, will attempt to flee and eventually teleport away. If you manage to kill the Loot Specialist before he escapes, he’ll drop a few Zskera Vault Keys and primalist armor tokens.

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