How to give a child candy in BitLife – Spooktober Challenge

Someone wants to go trick or treating.

Image via Candywriter

The tasks in the Spooktober Challenge in BitLife are all about celebrating the Halloween season. While one of the requirements is hidden, the rest of them center around putting on a costume, enjoying autumn, and encountering the afterlife. A notable challenge some players have become a bit stuck on is how to give candy to a child. It’s not something you can do in the activities section, but it’s a bit easier than you might imagine.

You need to have a child in your relationships tab that you can interact with, which means having a kid of your own, or you have a younger brother or sister who is under the age of 18. From there, you want to give them a gift, and you want to make sure its candy. It can be any type of candy, so you don’t need for the notification to say candy in the description. It can be a chocolate bar, or anything of that nature.

Once you give the gift to the character, the challenge is complete, and you can proceed to the other tasks. It would be best if you made sure the character you’re giving the gift to is under 18, or the gift won’t count. We also recommend making sure your character is older than 18 years old and is considered an adult. You don’t have to have a house to hand out the candy, which saves you more money. We have not confirmed if it works when your character is under 18, but it’s not a big deal waiting until yours is over 18 to provide the gift.