How to give gifts to people in BitLife

Gifts for everyone.

Image via Candywriter

An excellent way to improve your relationship with other people in BitLife is to offer them gifts. If you want to quickly make amends for doing something wrong or to find yourself falling in love with someone faster, gifts are the fastest way to ensure someone likes you. Here’s what you need to know about giving gifts to people in BitLife.

You’ll have the option to offer a gift to every person your character directly interacts with within the game. For example, those who have direct relationships with you, such as your parents, brothers, sisters, and significant others, can find them under the Relationships tab. Click on that tab, and select the person you want to offer a gift to in the drop-down menu. You will need to have an item in your character’s possessions. If you do not have an item, you can always purchase one from the Assets tab. These can be minor items from jewelry, cars, or small gifts your character can directly buy.

You can also give gifts to your co-workers, but there’s a catch. The co-workers will typically refuse a gift unless you improve your relationship with them. You’ll have to do this naturally by being a good person to them, spending time with them, complimenting them, and having a positive impact on their life. Once you reach a green Relationship bar with them, they will accept gifts from you, but it’s typically higher than 50 percent. Giving gifts to co-workers is pretty tricky, so make sure to have a positive relationship with them before trying this.

Your character must have enough money for the gifts they provide other people. Always double-check your finances before going on a shopping spree for friends, family, and co-workers you want to like your character.