How to go awol in the military in BitLife

Get out before anyone notices you’ve been gone.


Image via Candywriter LLC

Are you looking to grab the Absent Without Leave achievement in BitLife? You can do this by going awol, but it takes a little bit of practice to be able to do this, and you may find yourself not succeeding if you go in blindly. We’re going to break down the best way you can approach this, to ensure you receive the achievement.

Unfortunately, a good chunk of this achievement relies on you getting lucky enough for it to happen. If you don’t have it happen, you can try it again in the future. The more times you try it, the more chances you give yourself to make it happen. The first thing you need to do to make sure you get it is to have your character go into the military career. After that, you need to develop an addiction. You can do this through gambling, drug, or alcohol. To acquire a gambling addiction, you need to gamble too much at casinos. With drugs, you need to do it while in prison or when you’re out clubbing. The most straightforward way is to do it with alcohol because every time your character drinks, they have a chance of becoming addicted.

When you receive an addiction, you need to send yourself to rehab. You can do this by choosing the rehab option under the rehab menu in the activities section. You can select any of the two options you can afford, but you’ll likely only be able to go to the regular variant. How it works is you need to cure the addiction by attending rehab. You need to wait for this happen while you visit the activity, and if you’re cured of your addiction, and you’re still enlisted with the military, you should receive the achievement. You may not get cured, though, so you may need to attend rehab again to try again. Hopefully, your character remains in the military, too.

The quickest way to grab this achievement is to surge through to the military option, which you can pick as soon as you turn 18. When you’re in the military, visit as many clubs as possible to grab the drug or alcohol addiction.