How to go fishing in BitLife

Fish on.

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There are multiple activities you can do in BitLife. You can choose a life of crime and become a gangster, become a renowned doctor, an actor, or choose to forgo all of that and risk it big at the local casinos. If you like to try more simple things, a good thing to try out is to go fishing. In this guide, we will cover how to go fishing in BitLife.

To go fishing in BitLife, it’s a little tricky. There’s no direct activity you can do for this to occur. Instead, you need to consistently choose to spend time with a friend or a family member and wait for the random event. Each time you select to spend time with someone in BitLife, a random event occurs for the two of you to do, increasing your relationship together. One of these activities is going fishing. You’ll need to keep selecting it with all of the people your character is close with, and eventually, the event will happen.

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If you’re looking to go fishing with a particular individual, you’ll need to make sure you select that person in your relationships menu and choose the Spend Time option. You’ll receive a random event each time you do it, and you can do it as many times you want to do it. When the fishing action happens, your character and the other person will have gone fishing together, and your relationship will go up.

We recommend not hitting the Age Up action after spending time together when you’re waiting for fishing to show up. Because it’s random, you don’t know when it will happen, and if the character passes away before you can do it, you might miss out on a challenge.