How to have a baby daddy in BitLife

It’s all about the correct definition.


You can do multiple things in BitLife, from running a hospital to becoming the President of a country. You can also do several mundane things and even make some questionable life decisions. Many of them ask you to do some odd things to finish all of the tasks for those looking to complete challenges, and for the Manic Mother challenge, you’ll be asked to get have a baby daddy. In this guide, we’re going to detail how to have a baby daddy.

The definition of a baby daddy is to have a child with a man who is not married to you or is your partner, which means if you’re trying to complete the Manic Mother challenge, you need not marry the men you’re trying to have a child with. You also want to make sure they don’t become your partner or significant other. They need to be a stranger to you and have no connection whatsoever. The best way to do that is to find men through the dating application and randomly meeting them by cycling through it.

When you find a man willing to have one stand with you, make sure not to wear any protection. The downside to this can be the fact that your character might end up with an STI or something negative, but it’s a part of the Manic Mother challenge, so you want to roll the dice on that one.

Once you and the male have a baby together, you’ll be good to go. So long as the male is not your married partner or boyfriend, he should count as a baby daddy for you.