How to have twins in BitLife

What’s the best method?


Image via Candywriter LLC

You have a lot of freedom in BitLife, the mobile game simulator, where you can do almost anything with zero consequences. You can even find yourself going to jail, where you later have to break out or modifying the settings in God Mode, where you can change a person’s willpower. Another thing you can do is have twins, but there are a handful of ways to increase this possibility.

For those who are looking to have twins, you can roll the dice by naturally going through the process of having a child with your partner. However, you have the highest chances of twins occurring through the process. To improve your chances, you can choose to go through Artificial Insemination or IVF. You can only go through Artificial Insemination if you are a female character. You can do Artificial Insemination in same-sex marriages, which have a lower chance of arguing with your partner.

Any gender can go down the route of IVF. The option for IVF shows up if you and your partner are struggling to have a child in the game. The process of doing so is complicated, and your partner may not agree, at first, to go through this option. If they do agree by going several conversations, you and your partner have a much higher chance of your offspring being twins or even triplets. You can only do IVF once a year. If you try it once, and it fails, you will have to wait until the next year to try it again. You will no longer be able to do so after the female in the relationship has reached age 50.

Both Artificial Insemination and IVF are challenging to have happened. Many players do not have any of these occur during their relationships, making twins is extremely difficult to occur, mainly because the standard method is difficult to bring about twins. If you’re attempting to have any twins or triplets, though, continue down these two routes to make it possible.