How to heal Aranara with Dendro in Genshin Impact

You don’t necessarily need to own a Dendro character.

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While tackling the word quest “An Unwavering Culinary Dream,” players will be asked to heal Aranara, a mystical being that resides in Sumeru. While this might seem like a straightforward task at first glance, there is a caveat to the mission. Players have to use the Dendro element to heal Aranara, which might confuse many, especially those who don’t own a Dendro character. If you are in the same boat and struggling to complete the quest, refer to the guide below.

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Using Dendro to heal Aranara

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The quest will start with Arapacati in Vanarana asking you to look for her brother, who is somewhere cooking. You’ll also get a prompt, “Look for a rising pillar of smoke,” which is your clue to finding Aranara. That said, the exact location of the creature is toward the south of Vissudha Field and is marked on the image below.

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You can either walk toward the location or use the Statue of The Seven to teleport near it. Regardless, you will need to use Statue of the Seven anyways if you do not own a Dendro character.

Once in the location, look for a smoke trail, as suggested in the clue. This shouldn’t be hard, and you should easily be able to spot the smoke trail from far away. Now go near the trail, and you’ll see Aranara in front of a cooking pot. However, you would not be able to interact with the creature as you need to save him first. If you have a Dendro character, simply switch to it and use the basic attack on Aranara. Otherwise, go to the Statue of the Seven mentioned before and interact with it. This will infuse you with the Dendro element for a while, so quickly go back to Aranara and use a basic attack. This time around, you will be able to save Aranara, and the task will conclude.