Where to get Chaos Bolts in Genshin Impact

It still counts as slaying dragons, right?

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One of the important aspects of your progression in Genshin Impact is getting all the right materials to upgrade your characters and weapons. That was as true when the game first came out as it is now with the 3.0 update. As you explore the new Sumeru region, keep an eye out for all the new resources you might need. Yet some resources can be scarce or difficult to farm. Some require you to kill specific mobs to have a chance to get them. That becomes more true the further you progress in the game. For instance, Chaos Bolts are needed for weapon upgrades but drop from only two types of mobs in the game. So if you are wondering how to get Chaos Bolts in Genshin Impact, this guide is for you.

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Where to find Chaos Bolts in Genshin Impact | Chaos Bolts location

There are two ways to get your hands on Chaos Bolts in Genshin Impact. Of course, the most straightforward way to farm them is by killing mobs that drop them. The other method is by crafting using lower-tier materials.

Chaos Bolts as loot drops

Chaos Bolts drop as possible loot from only two Elite enemies. They are both part of the Ruin Drake type. Furthermore, they will only drop from those enemies if they are Level 60+. Those Ruin Drakes are:

  • Ruin Drake: Earthguard
  • Ruin Drake: Skywatch
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How to craft Chaos Bolts in Genshin Impact

However, if you need just a few more Chaos Bolts and have some Chaos Modules left in your inventory, you can craft some Chaos Bolts yourself. For this recipe, you will need 3x Chaos Modules and to pay a fee of 50 Mora, which will net you 1 Chaos Bolt in return.

What are Chaos Bolts used for in Genshin Impact

Now that you have some Chaos Bolts in your inventory let’s see what you can use them on. Currently, their only purpose is to Ascend the following 4-star weapons to Levels 5 and 6, which is of course, nothing to scoff at:

  • Forest Regalia
  • Moonpiercer
  • Sapwood Blade